Our Statement


The mission of Ball & Socket Arts, Inc. is to create a collaborative arts center in the former Ball and Socket Manufacturing Company factory in Cheshire, CT. The center will partner the visual and performing arts, community arts programming, artist studio space, arts education, and design workshops to create a synergetic arts hub that serves Cheshire and the south-central region of Connecticut. Ball & Socket Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

A Passion for the Past

Old factories given new life as cultural centers have proven to be successful engines of community focus, identity, and economic development in former industrial towns across the country. It’s size, location, architectural beauty and enduring place in the local imagination make the former Ball & Socket factory an ideal location for a cultural and entertainment hub in Cheshire.

An Eye for the Future


The business plan for Ball & Socket Arts is based on a symbiotic partnership between arts programming, community development and commercial enterprise. Earned income from commercial tenants such as shops and restaurants will help underwrite costs for arts classes, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and theater productions that will in turn bring a diverse customer base to the retail establishments. No other property in the area matches Ball & Socket for its potential to accomplish this. The various buildings and outdoor spaces within the former industrial complex afford opportunities for large and small exhibition, performance, mercantile, dining, entertainment and gathering spaces that are not to be found elsewhere in the region. The site is at the heart of the new West Main Street development area and will soon be adjacent to the extended Farmington Canal linear park, giving it a central location in the neighborhood.