The Founders Statement

Our vision for Ball & Socket Arts is to transform the historic Ball & Socket factory and grounds into an arts and entertainment complex housing performing spaces, art galleries, a cinema, classrooms, studios, food services and retail establishments. We will present our own curated exhibitions and programs, and offer our spaces to other organizations, both professional and amateur, for meetings, events and presentations of their work. We hope Ball & Socket will become a hub of arts and community activity where passionate people can work alongside one other for the betterment of all.


It's a real fixer-upper

Ball & Socket Arts seeks to:

  1. Transform this historic factory and grounds into an arts complex housing performing spaces and visual art galleries, classes, studios and areas for public art.
  2. Present curated exhibitions of professional artists with a focus on contemporary art and well as providing exhibition spaces for regional artists and community organizations.
  3. Organize a professional performance series for the enjoyment, enrichment and benefit of the community. Providing opportunities for community presentations. The Music Hall and Coal House Theater will serve as the venues for these.
  4. Offer arts classes, workshops and lectures, taught by regional professional artists, to children and adults. Engaging Artists in Residence in special courses during their term.
  5. Establish a fine-dining restaurant and demonstration space which offers classes in culinary arts and a guest chef program.
  6. Design and build an outdoor experience including a sculpture park and art walk, creating a vibrant public area.
  7. Create of a retail and dining village at Ball & Socket to supplement the art center income and draw new audiences to the galleries.

Founded by Cheshire residents

Three founders and co-artistic directors, Ilona, Jeffrey, and Kevin, share responsibility for the artistic realization of the project.


The growing movement around creative placemaking reflects a broad desire for the preservation of multi-faceted public environments and the recognition that inspiring places can be incubators for inspired activity. The arts offer unique opportunities for bringing people together across economic, social and cultural boundaries. Ball & Socket will offer a wide range of arts programs in an environment that will also be home to shops, food services, green space and events hosted by other organizations that work for the common good. These diverse offerings will attract a wide audience, one that may utilize the site in different ways at different times. This mix is essential to our mission, and a powerful model for a sustainable future.