Plan and Progress

Save as much as possible

First things first: Save the buildings

Preserving and repurposing the Ball & Socket factory requires confronting its long history as a manufacturing facility. The remains of once common but now banned industrial practices and building materials are present at the site. Clean-up efforts have been underway since 1983 and a pump-and-treat system for removing hazardous materials in the soil has been in operation since 1991. Of the 25 areas of concern identified by environmental assessments, 21 require no further attention. Though independent, comprehensive inspections for Ball & Socket Arts have yet to be completed, we believe that finishing th is work, including removal of asbestos insulation and other hazardous material within the buildings, will not compromise the existing historic structures. Redevelopment of the site will begin by saving the buildings and making them safe.

Secondly: Build the Arts Center

Restoring and maintaining the beauty of the buildings' exteriors is a priority. Ball & Socket Arts will seek designation for the site as an historic property from state and federal authorities, and will conduct the restoration with sensitivity to its inherent aesthetic qualities. Inside, existing spaces will be repurposed in ways that celebrates rather than obscure the buildings' beauty as an historic industrial facility.


Retail and Leasing Opportunities

The Ball & Socket Arts complex will offer several leasable spaces for retail and dining. These rooms will offer a unique shopping and dining experience as part of the larger arts complex. If you are interested in discussing the retail opportunities or touring the spaces, please contact us.

Download a PDF of the retail specifications.